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Finally, a hot
water system
that doesn’t cost the EARTH.

Save thousands on your power bill every year.

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Delivery available
Australia wide!

12 warehouses across Australia with freight FREE options

Installation available in


The HPD fundamental difference 

The combination of a industry leading product, a team of quality expert trades and a sales team with no salespeople, That’s the fundamental difference with Heatpump Direct you will only ever speak with a plumber who knows the industry, understand your plumbing situation and hot water needs. We know our product, your product and every other hot water product on the market, not because we read a book or sales brochure but because we have installed, serviced, repaired or replaced what you currently have or what you’re looking at purchasing. Speak with a subject matter expert, not a salesperson chasing commissions.

Why so many people are choosing 

Heatpump Direct?

  • Free CALL with our industy leading plumber, don't pay that $149.00 plumbers callout fee, take advantage of our FREE service.


  • Warehouse direct sale, YOU save. $599.00


  • We plant 50 tree's out of our pocket when you click BUY NOW. $250.00+ The savings will continue to GROW.


  • You save $1000 on heating costs every year x the Australian average hws life expectancy = $10,000.00+


  • Claim back the STC Government incentive $1000.00 up to $3000 in rebates in some states


  • You can't put a price on this but you're reducing CO2 emissions on average by 40 tons........ 40,000.00 kg over the average Australian hws life expectancy


Heat Pump Direct are proud to offer our price guarantee.

Shop with confidence price

guarantee means that we will beat any genuine advertised price or written quote.

Purpose Over Profit

With a long list of companies worldwide doing their part for the planet, our company is honoured to stand alongside them.

We donate a portion of the profit from every sale, which means we plant 50 trees to help with reforestation.

Planting trees helps us, and you, offset the emissions from every heat pump we sell.

We are proud to be the first Australian Hot Water Company to place purpose over profit.

Join us in making a positive environmental impact for decades to come.

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  • ​Save Thousands On Energy Bills

  • Our Quotes Are Free And Zero Obligation!

What are you waiting for?

H 180L
H 270

What Our Clients Say

Young Male

"I've got 2,

After having old systems fail on rental properties, we replaced them with iStores. Have been great, no complaints from tenants, plus we are giving them high energy efficiency. Highly recommended."

Ryan, Perth.

Image by Luiza Braun

I love it!!!,

We have a constant flow of hot water and it is comforting to know we are producing far less carbon than a standard electric heater. 100% recommended after 3 years.

Sharron, Glass house mountains.

Image by Reza Biazar

Every house should have one!,

Has been installed now for 5 months. Have had no issues at all with the unit and never ran out of hot water.
When its running at the same time as my heat pump, its only using 300 to 400watts which is nothing compared to a traditional hot water unit that can use up to 3kw.
I think these units should be compulsory for all new build.
Can't recommend it enough! Its great!

Nick, Hobart.

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