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Capture Australia’s unlimited FREE energy source & provide up to 80% of your hot water heating needs with our Slimline Roof Mount 300L Solar Hot Water.

Slimline 300L Roof mount solar hot water system

    • Designed in Australia for Australian conditions
    • One of the only all copper collectors on the market = no dissimilar materials in the collector.
    • 95mm thick collector is the largest on the market which allows our collector to have double the insulation for maximum heat retention.
    • Heavy duty anodised alloy frame, tested and proven for Australian conditions.
    • iHeat unit is approximately half the price. Representing better value and making solar hot water more affordable to home owner.
    • iHeat materials used are very similar.
    • iHeat units use compression fittings rather than O rings which makes a far better seal and in performance will be better long Gevity as the compression fittings will not go brittle and break down over time.
    • iHeat is an Australian owned and operated company by Plumbers with over 30 years’ experience in the Australian Hot Water market.
    • Product brochure is attached.
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